I keep pretty busy during the school year, but as soon as I get a vacation I sort of collapse and can't get off the couch for a couple of days. It's for this I own a Nintendo. If'n I got a Wii I would play it for five days before it had to wait exactly ten weeks for school to end again. I'm not quite sure what'll happen when I graduate...


I need to make a flag that says "w00t" right now.

Tiny Furry Wings

I realize that it sort of look like Jersey died but he didn't, he just grew wings for some reason.


They say Umka works, I wouldn't know as I happen to think that DRUGS ARE BAD.


In reality I'm the most american person I know, I just wanted to draw myself with Ang's arrow on my head.

Being a Bear

I worry that I'm not going to make a better drawing than panel two ever. If I were makin' t-shirts I'd do it of that. Maybe I should make ties...


I'm not really sure why this comic can't be read right, I need to see Scott McCloud again and say "Hey! I have a question this time. No. No. No I do not want to talk about Camper Van Beethoven."

Vacation Doo doo doo, doo do doo

Back Monday. I'm in portland on vacation with the flu. Me and flu, oh man, I can't even tell you how great it is when we're together, I'm all "gaaaaaaah, blooooooah waaaaaaagh." And flu, man does he get crazy.


In real life the people at the library were really nice, I actually drew this comic right in front of them but I hadn't written the dialogue yet.

How'd I get in there?

Dead Bad People

It's true.

Beardy 2

The title refers to this amazing comic.


There were!


This isn't Zach Rose, it's another Zach.

I found a marker, too

The top right was supposed to say that I found a marker, but I forgot and repeated myself.

Two Braces

The backs of those glossy posters make the best drawing surface for marker.


Click for full size.


Writing this comic I realized that I used "adjective-ass" again. Have I learned nothing?


Seriously, though, these pimsleur tapes? Amazing.