Sorry for the uncolored post on a weekday, wait why am I sorry?

Sore Shoulder

My shoulder started hurting like a freight train exactly 12 hours after I said to myself, "why the hell am I carrying around a little bottle of ibouprofen? I never use it, and it rattles."

Because it's Sunday get it

okay I'm not going to say his name in the text here but MAN that cat's face is SO unecessarily detailed. There are all these little corners, edges, details, spots, he's got little hairs coming off next to his ears for some reason, his mouth is this really weird line, I think every line in his face refers to one verse in the bible. Read together they tell you how to spin straw into gold. Also this strip was thought up in its entirety by Devin.

He's sad now

I have a sneaking suspicion that I posted this comic before, but it looks like I haven't, so if I have tell me

It's not not nerdy, that's for sure

I'm not really sure if this comic makes sense.

Wait why are we eating this

"Oh hey buddy what are you doing? You're enjoying a bar of chocolate? Oh no no, the hip fashion these days is to eat a chocolate bar that contains the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF BITTER COCOA POWDER FOR SOME GODDAMN REASON."

Happy Valentine's Day Part II

And also everybody if you want you can just type in to get to my comic now. Everybody else is doing it.

little icons

hey everybody, do you wish you could look like Toby and Sara and and to a lesser extent Jersey while using popular "internet chatting" and "society networking" softwares? well here you go!

ruh roh he's mad

There's a better version of this teacher coming up next week, this was actually my third attempt to draw him, and there were..... accidents.

How to inspire confidence

Okay I don't know why the preview image looks so bad here, but just click on it the regular comic looks fine. Maybe it has something to do with it being a .gif file? I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas.

Well yes that might work

We're trying something new folks, no longer will the images of comics be nearly large enough to read but just small enough to be irritating. Hope you like it.

I bet maybe it is

Another "toby classic" episode for yah, Saturday is a toughy for me when it comes to scanning comics, as Saturday is my day to fist fight with fists.