my poor mom

my mom broke her foot and I'm staying about to help her get around. There won't be a post today, making this a very short week for y'all.

Sorry 'bout that

Fish don't talk

Normally I write the script first for these things, then work up some art. Today I did the art first and realized that fish don't talk part way through

Moby Dick

Laurie Anderson's 'Life on a String' says it's easier to sail around the world inside a coffee cup than it is to find a while in the ocean.

a card

A card is cheaper than a gift, and this is a lot cheaper than a card.

just checking

When I told this story to my co-worker, she said "awwww, she knows you!"

here we go

A completed comic


more soon

Make Way

I just found out that Lady Sovereign is playing in Portland. Totally gonna go.

comparative value models

Sunday was a good day, I wrote a week's worth of scripts!
Then I realized that a week doesn't have nine days, that I only post on weekdays, and that three of the scripts didn't make any sense.

ST in 10,000 pixels

Normally I'm gonna do the text at 400x400, but I wanted to see if this was possible. Data can be compressed using 'referencing.'

Don't worry, I won't pull rips like this that often.


this started out as Toby in a chair. Carrie said it looked like I was in the air.

I've been watching 'Carrier'.
It has a lot to recommend it.