What is my cat thinking?

I've decided to start titling all of my comics with common questions, as I get a lot of hits off of it, and I love confused people.

Some background:
My cat is also named Toby, though over time he came to be called Kitty Toby as I got irritated when Sara said it was dinner time and then THERE WAS NO DINNER FOR HUMAN TOBY.


I'm thinkin' about Peter Stormare a lot. I have no Big Lebowski quote for you. Also it is on Netflix Streaming right now.


On the show carrier they spend all that time sending bombers to fly over Iraq, but they never actually get to drop a single bomb. After a while it's all they talk about, whether or not they're going to get to drop.

Jon Baker

Jon Baker and I were in history class together. I was doing this series of art workshops where I taught block printing or bookbinding or whatever. Jon came and taught spray stenciling. He was great at it, and produced beautiful stuff. After we got done he showed me how he'd like to teach another workshop on how you can use a walkman, a bic pen, and a guitar string to make a tattoo gun. He'd already used one to give himself an inkless tattoo of Bob Ross.

For whatever reason I have trouble forgetting about Jon.

The sound of brakes engaging

A couple of people have been mis-directed to one of my old comics, 'Scritch', by mis-spelling the name of Screech and searching for 'Saved By The Bell' cast pictures. I decided that these visitors deserved to actually get to see that guy.

Here he is for your pleasure.

Old Timey Detectives Were not as good

In which Clip-Clop returns in a naked attempt to pander

By the way, The Savage is coming back, he'll feature again soon, I promise.

A sloth comments on a video

Here's the link to the buzzfeed video I watched that made me think these things, and then put them into a sloth's mouth.