Sometimes I don't got it for ya, folks. Sometimes that little happy cartoon Toby just ain't in me and this is all we get.

Coffee History

Philz is in the mission district (and now Castro!) of San Francisco, The Alberta Press is in Portland on Alberta. The Wandering Goat Coffee Roasting Company is a fantastic little cafe on Madison street in Eugene. You hit madison going down 7th, head north past the train tracks, and it's right there on your left. Sara and I walked from the bus mall out there, and we were tired and very cold by the time we got in. I've never tasted more flavors in a cup of coffee, I've never enjoyed one more Sara was never more buzzed. They had a couch that was clean , it was beautifully decorated despite once being the offices of an auto upholstery company (or something). Go there and drink the coffee, you'll thank me.

Let's go out to the lobby (to ask for ice for our water bottle which we'll then fill with soda from the dollar store)

Hey guys speaking of caffeine Wandering Goat Coffee roasting company served me the best espresso of my life last Saturday. The bubble in the last panel was supposed to be a thought bubble, but
I couldn't bring myself to redraw it because that little running toby looks so sweet and lord knows if I'd ever draw him so good again.

Smash production.

I think that's my first clever title

Go Bees.

So someone at work saw one of my comics out of context, and I actually feel pretty bad about it. I don't think there's anything wrong with me cussin' and hatin' up a storm here online, but there ain't no reason that someone who works down the cubicle hall from me has to hear all about it if they didn't do a google search for "bells christmas baby hammer." So co-woker, I don't know if you know this website exists, or if you think I just make profane drawings to leave around the office and freak people out, but I'm sorry nonetheless.

There are no bees in China

Okay maybe there are now but there weren't.

EDIT: looking at this a few days later I see that I forgot to get rid of a squiggle (what I do when I'm drawing and need to tell myself to erase something in photoshop) and color my beard. No wonder readership's been falling off......

or, The Discovery of AK-47's by the Bees

Man that apostrophe after 47 looks so weird, but I just saw "CD's" in a New York Times headline, so I guess it's right.

Sometimes it's the only way

to feel better, click to read the comic.

Lawless bears

Aaaaaand we're back to having very little to say. Do you guys read what's written over here? Or do you read the comic first?


So finally I actually have something to say with one of these comics. Three things:
1) thank you Drew
2) What the fuck is your problem out there on the marathon course? I understand you guys want to run but I gotta get to work. That's right assholes, for some of us the outdoors is not some secret hidden level of the gym. And no, I am not ripped, I ain't "carved out of wood." I just ride my bike to work and school every day, take public transport, and don't drive my goddamn Canyonero to the stadium parking lot so I can run a few miles while people scream at me that I'm amazing. So how bout you run your little race and let me ride my bike in the opposite direction without screaming at me to keep out of your way and shouting "look out look out look out look out look out look out," when I go past your tables with all the tiny cups. I do this route EVERY DAY, sorry I use wheels and don't have shorts riding up my ass while I do it. I guess one day out of the year I'd deserve a fucking cup of glucose if I did it that way.
3) Not you, I like you.
4) This was probably the most satisfying comic I have ever made.


I've posted 151 times. That's as many as boingboing does in a weekday. Suck it, boingboing.

It really happened

my sister really likes cats but she treats like someone from the city might treat a horse. As soon as they turn to face her or try to wrestle she's like "oh woah, okay, woah there, woah, stop."

Swimming in the River, part 1

Two days with no new comics! It's a caution what doin' art will do to your art doin's. Also I bought a new kettle for the office:


it's been a few days since we've "rapped," my friends. I am getting ready to hang up some art, and although this hanging is in the real world and on walls I want to assure you that I have not forgotten you, virtual viewers. Here are the flyers I made for the show, sort of.


The redone version of the comic above will go up tomorrow.

Blink Powers

So we're listening to Malcolm Gladwell talk about stuff, and a lot of it's pretty cool. It has not yet conferred any super-powers.


I wanted to share this photo with you, this is a photo that I thought people should see, I know it's not a comic, but still I think it counds as amusing. If it doesn't look like anything to you, thank the lord for your still untarnished eyeballs.

Maybe he thinks you could use the handle like a roller?

Progress Bar

Dedicated to Beth Greene. Beth Greene, now something that you are involved with is on the internet, please freak out.

I'ma goin' China

It's actually a lot more difficult, but if you've taught in the humanitites in college you should really look into it.

Doin' Everything

In reality I was jus' makin' faces, but I can't draw that so good.

You Are Free?

Sara actually does beleive in Gods, despite what The Dragon may say in panel three. Besides, who would grandfather be?

Honorifics, part 1

I promise this will make less sense tomorrow

Four Friends

Man those were good coffees. Caitlin I tried to get you to be the color of a Bearcat.


I am actually selling something if you guys want to buy something! Write to tobyfee[at]gmail[dot]com and you can buy one of a thousand pitchers of corvids for five dollars

A new joke about gettting a B.S. degree

This is what my wife came up with. Also honeymoons are nice, I recommend 'em.

Friday! You're Probably Already Enjoying the Weekend Aren't You!

Friday's comic took extra-special care in uploading and posting. Thank you for your patience.

Pretending it's Thursday

At long last, Thursday's comic. Sent into the future! (Today is Saturday.)

Wednesday's Child is Supposed to be Full of Woe

I have trouble spelling "Wednesday." I always want to spell it "Wendsday," like it sounds. The Oxford English Dictionary tells me that Wednesday is named after the Germanic god Woden, who was eloquent, swift, and travelled widely. Woden was also incorporated into the religion of the Roman Empire before Constantine took over. After Constantine died, one of his sons, Constans, ordered in 341 that remaining practitioners of Roman Paganism be given the death penalty. I wonder is his friends called him Connie or Stan. Neither would have surprised me.

An Additional Comic by Toby

Im supposed to not only update this blog but also provide guest commentary. That is, Im supposed to have things to say.

After this Im going to go take a nap and re-read The Ravishing of Lol Stein. If theres one thing about that book, let me tell you: Lol Stein is ravished.

Another Comic Today!

Just under the wire, but still technically Monday. I noticed that Toby has 124 posts on this blog. Thats a lot of posts.

But enough about Toby. Things are going well with me. I havent gotten around to updating my own blog, mostly because its about objects and my camera is dead. Ive also stopped using apostrophes for contractions; look to the future, people, not the past!

Lazy Babysitter

Hello all. My name is Zach. Im updating this comic for the week, because I guess the regular guy doesnt have a computer or something. Dont touch that mouse, Im sure well get along just fine.

He can

Thought I'd include some limited edition art with this panel, as you can see I ended up stealing a mouth from Gabe.

Who's Whom

Oh what's the matter? This comic is too "inside"? Watcha gonna do about it? You gonna cry? Oh look everybody, the baby's gonna cry.

Lateral Incisor, I can't afford it.

I'm not sure I failed my math class, and it turns out my earbuds still work. So the only thing in this comic that's 100% accurate is the fact that I'm going to die toothless at 41.

Monday Monday Monday

Hey Guys,
So The Bell, The Bell is supposed to be updated every day, but a technical failure over at camp Fee means I can't update 'til Monday. Rest assured, however, that I'll be back Monday.

As recompense, if you wish to email a photo of yourself to tobyfee[that character which appears above the 2 key]mail[that character which appears directly to the left of the question mark key]com I will illustrate you doing something foolish.


Bad Head

there's trouble brewin'. I'm on vacation for the next day or two, but don't worry, I'll keep rappin' atcha.

What happened today,

It was a rough day for me today (have you ever tried making a DVD from scratch? it's actually sort of hard), this was the good part.

Explanatory Scenes Deleted

This comic redacted in the name of marital bliss.

Two Time Pulitzer Award Winner

This is based on forcing myself to finish the first 100 pages of "Villages." I liked the first few "Rabbit" books!