We're gonna wear the skins of animals!

What's up guys? I haven't been around much, and whose fault is that?

Bike Accident/The Dozens

If you're wondering why that bike seat looks weird, it's because my bike seat looks weird. If you're wondering why the other guy, the sidewalk, my zipper, and the urinal looks weird, it's because I devote a lot of my time to drawing, SOMETHING I'M NOT EXACTLY RAD AT.

Parenthood Fears, part one.

I've not yet finished anything that I labeled as 'Part One.' In the case of comics describing my worst fears of parenthood, that's probably for the best


I drew this, so so what does that say about me?

What should have happened

Isn't it what we all were expecting?

Our generation's most trusted actor

I've represented T-Pain this way at least twice. Watching his videos always cheers me up. I am sorry Tom Hanks.