None of these things will be true forever.

A noise.

Someone read this comic over my shoulder as I was making it. I had no idea I would be so embarrassed.

Escape Velocity

I know the ship is at the center of your screen in Escape Velocity, not the planet. Beyond that this is exactly what escape velocity looks like.

Character Model

Click for full size. It's crazy how hard it is to draw my beard with my left, it's something about the repeated up-and-down.

It could be worse

Sarah Vowell did a whole thing on how maybe you're having a bad day or you're challenging your society, but you're still not Rosa Parks.


Second try drawing Sara in a comic, click for a full-size image.

The question

My sister in law loves Karaoke, but then one time she got sent across the atlantic ocean to go sing for people, so we're not really starting from the same position.


click the image to see it full size. The sad part is that I realized after drawing it I had put my left hand in the brace, so I had to photoshop it and flip all the drawings.