cooking cooking cooKING

this is the first comic I did where I got really frustrated with colorization. Surprisingly, photoshop is so complicated that I actually went to sleep that night and woke up with a better way to do the same color process. This also happens to me sometimes with Microsoft Office, but in that case the solution that comes to me is "buy google stock."

Mitzi's first appearance

Zach send me new stripes or from now on these are your stripes!

That's not a good Kennel.

Okay this is an old strip that I just found in the archives but keep in mind that it's my birthday and I've been drinking just a little bit so maybe you could CUT ME SOME SLACK SPAMBOTS.

The Language of Birds

Where's the color? back on Monday

I had some pun going with "Disgea 2" and "too much" but I'll spare you it

Oh ho what's this? Color? On a site carefully editted to lack color of any kind? It's madness! I'll tell you what folks, I don't know how long this feelings gonna last, but for tonight I know that color's here to stay.

Rare promotional box art!

This is a poster I did for a comics workshop this Friday. It goes with another letter sheet with Sara on it giving the details.

I guess the comic itself isn't much evidence of that.

But really riding the train is awesome, if you're ever traveling under 500 miles you should try it out. They get delayed though.


I saw "Children of Men," go see it. I'm choosing to call this my 50th comic, so woo hoo. Look for a new comic (and a return to the daily updates) Tuesday.

iPod Returns

Enjoy your iPod fatty.

exclamation point

This class is blowing my mind, if anyone here reading this thinks they're really smart, they should probably go in to linguistics. Also Addy is really nice even though she wanted to eat my sanwich I think because it had peanut butter in it.

Yeah coffee shut up

So new character models, it's probably blowing your mind right now, if Tom Shimura were here he might say that it was like Sly Stallone in Rocky versus Sly Stallone in Copland. I'm just sayin'.

"When was the last time you saw a hill, or a tree?"

okay so check back tomorrow to see some more comics which maybe have NEW CHARACTER MODELS OH GOD I'M SO EXCITED.

My Dinner with Sara

As anyone who has ever received a voicemail from, been spoken to by, or married me knows, sometimes I can't think of what to say. When this happens I often make a noise. When I am making this noise, I invariably stop thinking about what to say, and think only of making the noise. Eventually I hang up the phone, stop talking to the person, or leave the room.

My dinner with Sara

Finally a comic that's %100 based on real actual life!