Friday! You're Probably Already Enjoying the Weekend Aren't You!

Friday's comic took extra-special care in uploading and posting. Thank you for your patience.

Pretending it's Thursday

At long last, Thursday's comic. Sent into the future! (Today is Saturday.)

Wednesday's Child is Supposed to be Full of Woe

I have trouble spelling "Wednesday." I always want to spell it "Wendsday," like it sounds. The Oxford English Dictionary tells me that Wednesday is named after the Germanic god Woden, who was eloquent, swift, and travelled widely. Woden was also incorporated into the religion of the Roman Empire before Constantine took over. After Constantine died, one of his sons, Constans, ordered in 341 that remaining practitioners of Roman Paganism be given the death penalty. I wonder is his friends called him Connie or Stan. Neither would have surprised me.

An Additional Comic by Toby

Im supposed to not only update this blog but also provide guest commentary. That is, Im supposed to have things to say.

After this Im going to go take a nap and re-read The Ravishing of Lol Stein. If theres one thing about that book, let me tell you: Lol Stein is ravished.

Another Comic Today!

Just under the wire, but still technically Monday. I noticed that Toby has 124 posts on this blog. Thats a lot of posts.

But enough about Toby. Things are going well with me. I havent gotten around to updating my own blog, mostly because its about objects and my camera is dead. Ive also stopped using apostrophes for contractions; look to the future, people, not the past!

Lazy Babysitter

Hello all. My name is Zach. Im updating this comic for the week, because I guess the regular guy doesnt have a computer or something. Dont touch that mouse, Im sure well get along just fine.

He can

Thought I'd include some limited edition art with this panel, as you can see I ended up stealing a mouth from Gabe.

Who's Whom

Oh what's the matter? This comic is too "inside"? Watcha gonna do about it? You gonna cry? Oh look everybody, the baby's gonna cry.

Lateral Incisor, I can't afford it.

I'm not sure I failed my math class, and it turns out my earbuds still work. So the only thing in this comic that's 100% accurate is the fact that I'm going to die toothless at 41.

Monday Monday Monday

Hey Guys,
So The Bell, The Bell is supposed to be updated every day, but a technical failure over at camp Fee means I can't update 'til Monday. Rest assured, however, that I'll be back Monday.

As recompense, if you wish to email a photo of yourself to tobyfee[that character which appears above the 2 key]mail[that character which appears directly to the left of the question mark key]com I will illustrate you doing something foolish.


Bad Head

there's trouble brewin'. I'm on vacation for the next day or two, but don't worry, I'll keep rappin' atcha.

What happened today,

It was a rough day for me today (have you ever tried making a DVD from scratch? it's actually sort of hard), this was the good part.

Explanatory Scenes Deleted

This comic redacted in the name of marital bliss.

Two Time Pulitzer Award Winner

This is based on forcing myself to finish the first 100 pages of "Villages." I liked the first few "Rabbit" books!

This is what you get

when you ask to be in "The Bell, The Bell"

To Be Continued


It's worth it

Sara recently informed me that I don't button my coats. Now I've started doin' it. It's fantastic, I tell you what.


I really love all three of my jobs, and I hope to be doing something very similar after I get back from China, but these long days really do make one feel like an automaton. Especially when I get off on the weekend and all I can think about is chugging motor oil and "recharging my batteries" with a dual voltage AC adapter.