Sometimes I don't got it for ya, folks. Sometimes that little happy cartoon Toby just ain't in me and this is all we get.

Coffee History

Philz is in the mission district (and now Castro!) of San Francisco, The Alberta Press is in Portland on Alberta. The Wandering Goat Coffee Roasting Company is a fantastic little cafe on Madison street in Eugene. You hit madison going down 7th, head north past the train tracks, and it's right there on your left. Sara and I walked from the bus mall out there, and we were tired and very cold by the time we got in. I've never tasted more flavors in a cup of coffee, I've never enjoyed one more Sara was never more buzzed. They had a couch that was clean , it was beautifully decorated despite once being the offices of an auto upholstery company (or something). Go there and drink the coffee, you'll thank me.

Let's go out to the lobby (to ask for ice for our water bottle which we'll then fill with soda from the dollar store)

Hey guys speaking of caffeine Wandering Goat Coffee roasting company served me the best espresso of my life last Saturday. The bubble in the last panel was supposed to be a thought bubble, but
I couldn't bring myself to redraw it because that little running toby looks so sweet and lord knows if I'd ever draw him so good again.

Smash production.

I think that's my first clever title

Go Bees.

So someone at work saw one of my comics out of context, and I actually feel pretty bad about it. I don't think there's anything wrong with me cussin' and hatin' up a storm here online, but there ain't no reason that someone who works down the cubicle hall from me has to hear all about it if they didn't do a google search for "bells christmas baby hammer." So co-woker, I don't know if you know this website exists, or if you think I just make profane drawings to leave around the office and freak people out, but I'm sorry nonetheless.

There are no bees in China

Okay maybe there are now but there weren't.

EDIT: looking at this a few days later I see that I forgot to get rid of a squiggle (what I do when I'm drawing and need to tell myself to erase something in photoshop) and color my beard. No wonder readership's been falling off......

or, The Discovery of AK-47's by the Bees

Man that apostrophe after 47 looks so weird, but I just saw "CD's" in a New York Times headline, so I guess it's right.

Sometimes it's the only way

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