So finally I actually have something to say with one of these comics. Three things:
1) thank you Drew
2) What the fuck is your problem out there on the marathon course? I understand you guys want to run but I gotta get to work. That's right assholes, for some of us the outdoors is not some secret hidden level of the gym. And no, I am not ripped, I ain't "carved out of wood." I just ride my bike to work and school every day, take public transport, and don't drive my goddamn Canyonero to the stadium parking lot so I can run a few miles while people scream at me that I'm amazing. So how bout you run your little race and let me ride my bike in the opposite direction without screaming at me to keep out of your way and shouting "look out look out look out look out look out look out," when I go past your tables with all the tiny cups. I do this route EVERY DAY, sorry I use wheels and don't have shorts riding up my ass while I do it. I guess one day out of the year I'd deserve a fucking cup of glucose if I did it that way.
3) Not you, I like you.
4) This was probably the most satisfying comic I have ever made.