advertising, hello hello

So a couple of people a day come to this site through some ads I've taken out. Welcome. To tell you the score:
I do a new comic pretty much every weekday. usually I try to do 2-3 actual comics a week, while the others are just little paintings of people I know or whatever.

I'm Toby Fee. I took almost two years off from making this comic, and when I came back I'd changed formats, working entirely in 25x25 pixel panels. This is only one of many, many vows of chastity I've taken as an artist, but it has been very very fun so far.

The portraits are entirely based on the photos people post of themselves. If you friend me or whatever (there aren't two Toby Fees, if you choose to look for me) I will probably paint you at some point, though I should emphasize that if you don't come out looking too good, this isn't a reflection of my distaste for your dinner conversation.

Your dinner conversation is atrocious, everyone's is, that's why people drink at dinner time.

uhhhhh, there is nothing for sale yet, there may be when I scrape together the change to buy a button maker.

I promise I did not make this post just to make the next comic, which I consider to be my best in a long time, also be the 200th comic