Plotlines part 2

Oh my god it's like Magnolia up in here with the disparate plotlines joined by a single emotionally unstable dude with sideburns.

I decided not to include it here, but it will come up later that our cat's name is Toby.

you know sometimes doing stuff like this isn't actually very easy. I work at it all the time, and only like, 10 or 12 people ever read it. Sometimes I spend hours trying to draw somebody's face and it just looks like garbage by the end.

But that window in the background? Man that looks good.

I remember reading 'the natural history of the far side' where Gary Larson does a DVD commentary 5 years before its invention, he points out interesting stories behind certain panels, stuff that had to be redrawn, stuff that got tossed out for being objectionable, panels that no one ever understood.

But there's one, which I think is two sea captains showing each other unlikely parts of their bodies that have been replaced with pegs, anyway, all he writes about it is:

"I'd just like to say that I drew a pretty cool ship in the background here"

Sometimes it's like that.

Also, my love has been legal for three years today. Tonight I get to find out what our fourth ring will look like.