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Don't worry, Sparkle Pony is with you right now!

Create the problem.

A friend of mine told me: "My boyfriend reads your comic, and so he has it in his feed reader and he'll read it and say 'hmm, what's this all about?'"

To Fly on Wings of Chocolate

Laugh if you must, but Chocohubris is the number one cause of spoilt dresses in the tragedian trades. But did you know that Chocohubris does not even appear in the Word 2003 spelling dictionary? Write your alderman today.

where do opinions come from

Google Reader, we have to talk:

Why the eff should I care whether people like a news story? 87 people liked this, thanks so much, now I'm really gonna read instead of just pretending like normal.

Do you just want to be like Netflix? it takes two hours to watch a movie, it's not good, that makes sense that I would care what people thought of it.

But this is three G.D. paragraphs! In my own news feed! Even if I cared what other people thought of it, how would I act on this information? There's no 'don't like' option, so it's not like I can skip a story.

Anyway, thanks for adding clutter to the best news and information thing since the book.

Also I'm not an expert on race and crime in America.


This won't make a lot of sense, but I still thought it was pretty


after researching a very technical solution to this problem, I thought I'd just ask you:
does anyone subscribe to this site via rss feed?

Right now the panels aren't optimized for rss display, and I'm curious if it's worth worrying about.

Please either comment on this, email me, or whatever, to tell me if you're viewing this through a feed reader rather than reading the site directly.



sometimes portraits don't go well.

Thirty Six Point Five Weeks

My friend and I have lost touch. My own fault probably. Anyway she's a beautiful person and that her kid will grow up to see this century, well it's an enviable time to be born.


You're gonna have to click through to see this one.


this is for my sister Caitlin, who got engaged to someone I really like.

Now we are a foursquare team.


From now on, The Bell, The Bell will be changing formats:
tune in next week for the first installment of 'Clip-Clop n' the Gang', a madcap sitcom involving Clip-Clop, and the slack-jawed lackwits he tolerates!

advertising, hello hello

So a couple of people a day come to this site through some ads I've taken out. Welcome. To tell you the score:
I do a new comic pretty much every weekday. usually I try to do 2-3 actual comics a week, while the others are just little paintings of people I know or whatever.

I'm Toby Fee. I took almost two years off from making this comic, and when I came back I'd changed formats, working entirely in 25x25 pixel panels. This is only one of many, many vows of chastity I've taken as an artist, but it has been very very fun so far.

The portraits are entirely based on the photos people post of themselves. If you friend me or whatever (there aren't two Toby Fees, if you choose to look for me) I will probably paint you at some point, though I should emphasize that if you don't come out looking too good, this isn't a reflection of my distaste for your dinner conversation.

Your dinner conversation is atrocious, everyone's is, that's why people drink at dinner time.

uhhhhh, there is nothing for sale yet, there may be when I scrape together the change to buy a button maker.

I promise I did not make this post just to make the next comic, which I consider to be my best in a long time, also be the 200th comic

getting pretty close now

here's a painting for today. I may not post anything tomorrow but I'm working on some pretty good comics

Which is worse?

Alls I'm sayin' is that I'd like to have a little guy with pointy ears and a wide body and little legs and...

I think I might want a snow fox.