Change up your whole routine

Busting that cycle is something Ze Frank talked about, basically under the idea that we get all upset about how we're not doing what we normally do, but if we want our brains to wake up we gotta bust that cycle. This tells the true story of one such attempt.

Are there more people alive now than have ever died?

The answer to this question is almost certainly no. Though it is scary that it's even close. There are a large number of unknowns, but fewer than you'd think as it really doesn't matter how long we existed in numbers less than a few thousand.

Memory, History

Whole wheat bread, the highest fiber content they sell in the store. Apply mayonnaise to both slices (not too much) add pickle relish to one side. Put on two slices of cheddar, add very think sliced red onion. Lightly butter pan, grill both sides. Serve with a glass of milk and a bowl of tomato bisque soup, a kind of soup not always sold.

An Accounting

This apple drawn from life, its label perforated by my teeth.


Gelatinous head-cube.

Cube shaped head

Old TV that's not got a cathode ray tube, just a curved piece of glass from somewhere else, and inside there's this head that obviously thinks its expression is friendly.

The Old Song

Did you know that Sara and I met and quite liked each other in High School? We completely lost touch, and I had forgotten all about her, when eight years later we were going to the same university, and she saw me on a cc: list for a trip to a yarn seller's that neither of us intended to go to. She emailed me, and while she was in a relationship I'd just gotten out of one a few months before.

The rest is history, and I will tell you that if it's going to be than a lot of it should be easy. The trick is seeing that something's so good it's worth working when it's hard. The first thing, though, is that it should be easy.

Because if you can't order a g** d***ed pizza then what will you do when you're getting into a cab right after arriving in Shanghai, and your electronic translator falls out of your pocket and breaks, and you can't seem to remember the words for 'map?'

Exotic Pet Awareness month.

Sometimes it is fun to pin people down with your massive forepaws and there is nothing you can say to deny this truth.

Fear makes the wolf look bigger

'Fear makes the wolf look bigger than he is' is apparently a saying in some European countries, but I did this off this bit of graffiti that was much photographed.

did you know that I am on twitter?


Inadvisable Actions Tiger

These are just too fun to do. Please click through for the full version, which is even more beautiful.

Insanity Wolf's best friend, Madness Hound

This idea for the email thing copyright in perpetuity to Mr Robak.

Harsh Reality

I have been playing Magic Cards a lot. I hope to see you at my house on Wednesday where we will do it again.

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